How a High School Librarian Uses AwesomeStories for her School

I am a high school librarian, in Georgia, who uses AwesomeStories on a daily basis. I believe all students and teachers need librarians to guide them in our 21st century world.

Only students that learn how to learn in our information and technology rich society will be successful in the 21st century. Teaching research skills on a daily basis I focus on skills such as locating appropriate resources, evaluation of sources, ethical and legal use of information, etc.

AwesomeStories makes teaching so much easier by providing high school appropriate information that has been vetted and linked to additional digital resources. AwesomeStories also includes citations and information on copyright, which makes it a one-stop resource for all my research lessons.

Any educator can tell you that the days of teachers standing in front of the room and lecturing for an hour while all the students enthusiastically take notes is long gone (as it probably should be). Today educators have to incorporate project based learning assignments and use students’ interests to draw them into learning.

Incorporating AwesomeStories into lesson plans can increase students’ motivation to learn by providing them an opportunity to learn using technology in an engaging way. An example of a recent lesson I worked on, with an environmental science teacher at my school, was using the Awesome Story based on The Lorax to incorporate research skills into a lesson on deforestation.


Original Release: Mar 02, 2015

Updated Last Revision: Jun 02, 2016

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