South Carolina History - Preface

"The Great Seal of the State of South Carolina", President Rutledge used the Seal for the first time on May 22, 1777. The current seal is made up of two elliptical areas, linked by branches of the palmetto tree. The left oval is the palmetto tree with a fallen oak at the base. The right oval is the goddess Spes (Hope) walking on the beach at dawn over discarded weapons, by William Henry Drayton and Arthur Middleton, SC State House Student Connection.


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Here we are engaged in a captivating digital process with the help of collaborative research and expression of teachers and students. 

From its early beginnings, the history of South Carolina—the Palmetto State—has been truly amazing.  It was founded, in 1663, by Englishmen who were closely associated with King Charles II.  

South Carolina is believed to have been primarily named after King Charles I of the United Kingdom, whose name in Latin was "Carolus."  Carolina did not become officially divided until 1729 (when all but one of the "Lords Proprietors" sold their rights back to the Crown), although South Carolina had a separate royal governor in 1720.

By 1732, the original (and very large) colony—called Carolina—had been split into the colonies of Georgia, North and South Carolina.

Eighth-grade students in South Carolina are required to learn about their state's history. This digital book is intended to support teachers and students in exploring and learning about the intriguing history of South Carolina—one of the most noteworthy of the original 13 Colonies. 

This work is meant to help educators teach South Carolina history, so the standards and indicators of South Carolina history are used throughout.  The indicators were written by experts for South Carolina Department of History standards. Their names are on the South Carolina Department of Education Eighth Grade Social Studies Standards and Essentials for students to know. 

Original Release: Jun 27, 2015

Updated Last Revision: Dec 16, 2016

1) Harrison, Valerie, Jones, Cathy, Huffman, Robinson, Skinner, Brown, Honore, and others, South Carolina Social Studies Academic Standards, South Carolina Social Studies, Jun/09/2015, Jun/08/2015, http://ed.sc.gov/agency/ccr/Standards-Learning/documents/FINALAPPROVEDSSStandardsAugust182011.pdf

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