Thaddeus Kosciuszko: Hero of the American Revolution - Chapter 1: Early Life

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Thaddeus Kosciuszko was born in Poland in 1746 to a modest family who had some ties to noble origins.   He was a bright and inquisitive student and excelled in his studies at the Royal Academy of Warsaw and the Corps of Cadets Academy. His academic record drew the attention of the King of Poland, Stanislaw August Poniatowski, who sent him to France to study engineering.

In 1776, while in France, Thaddeus read the Declaration of Independence that the American colonies had written to proclaim the colonist’s intention of becoming their own independent country. The words moved him greatly because he had always held deep empathy for people who were confined to the control of others.

He was a real believer in the Declaration’s sentiment that “All men are created equal”, and the words that Thomas Jefferson had written rang true within him.

He also knew that Great Britain would not allow the formation of the United States of America without a fight.

Kosciuszko felt the colonists needed all the help they could get to defend themselves against the powerful force of Great Britain’s military. He left France and journeyed to America to offer his services as a military strategist and engineer to the fledging new nation. He knew he could help, and he knew America needed him.

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