Thaddeus Kosciuszko: Hero of the American Revolution - Chapter 5: West Point

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In the spring of 1778, Thaddeus was commissioned by General George Washington to re-engineer and fortify the defenses at the very important American fort located at West Point, New York. Washington asked Thaddeus to build new military ramparts at this location to defend its position on the Hudson River.

West Point (now the United States Military Academy) is still regarded as impossible to penetrate.

Washington was so pleased by Thaddeus’ contributions, he sent him to Virginia to work with General Nathanael Greene, who immediately named Thaddeus as his chief engineer. Thaddeus spent his time locating positions for cams, scouting river crossings, fortifying positions, and developing many intelligence contacts. He received high praise for his efforts, especially when British General Cornwallis  had chased the Continental Army across 200 miles of wilderness in 1781.

Thanks to the foresight of Thaddeus’ scouting of the rivers, the Continentals safely crossed the Dan River ahead of the British troops. Because the British had no boats, they had no way to cross the river.

It was during this conflict that Thaddeus selected the site where the Continental Army would eventually return to fight Cornwallis at Guilford Courthouse where the Americans defeated the British and gained permanent advantage in the war. During this battle, Thaddeus suffered the only wound he would suffer during the Revolutionary War when he was bayonetted.

After he recovered, he began to do more intelligence work in South Carolina. He was promoted to Brigadier General. He commanded several cavalry squadrons and an artillery unit. He commanded American troops in what is known now as the last battle of the Continental Army at James Island, South Carolina. He then spent the rest of the war in Charleston, South Carolina where he organized a huge fireworks display to celebrate the signing of the Treaty of Paris.

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