Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Summary

Welcome to Victorian England where wealthy people, including single “gentlemen,” have lots of servants and London is becoming a city without equal. As headquarters of the British Empire, the town which Romans knew as Londinium has undergone a remarkable transformation.

This story, however, is less about its setting and more about the transformation of a London resident called Dr. Jekyll—a respectable man who has certain tendencies which could cause his undoing. It is an abridged version of the famous novella which Robert Louis Stevenson wrote in less than a week (after first destroying his original manuscript in a fit of anger).

Beyond the story itself—which is also dramatized in audio narration—step into 19th-century Britain where some people are enormously wealthy and others are incredibly poor.

Meet Robert Louis Stevenson, who died in Samoa at the age of 44, and learn how the idea of Jekyll/Hyde first came to him in a dream. Virtually visit some of the places which are featured in Jekyll/Hyde and see how they appeared at the time of the tale.

And ... explore the themes, which drive the narrative, to see how the characters of the story enliven the plot in its depiction of good and evil in a dystopian world.

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