Pablo Escobar - Narcos - Preface

Detail of a mugshot, of Pablo Escobar, taken by the Medellin Police in 1976. Escobar had been arrested for cocaine trafficking.


Brother, I’m really worried;
I just received some information,
which tells me your phone is being intercepted,
they are triangulating the signal,
you could get caught if you keep it up.

November 29, 1993 Letter—Roberto Escobar to Pablo Escobar
Quoted in Roberto’s book, The Accountant’s Story, at page 160.


Pablo Escobar’s father—Abel de Jesús Dari Escobar—was a farmer, with little education, who traded cows and horses. When hundreds of his own cows got sick, he lost the farm he'd inherited in the Rionegro area of Colombia.

Pablo's mother—Hermilda Gaviria—was a school teacher who, after her son died, carefully folded two of his shirts and slept with them, under her pillow, every night.

One of seven children, Pablo grew-up in a family where money was very important because the family was so poor. Luz Maria Escobar—one of his sisters—explains that her mother always wanted to dress well, look good and earn money. When he was young, his mother recalls, Pablo told her: 

Wait until I’m a grown man, and I will give you money. He had the dream of giving me everything, and so he did. (From interview included in “Pablo Escobar's Private Archive”.)

Pablo accomplished at least that goal. At the height of his drug-lord career, he had so much money he couldn’t count it all.

In The Accountant's Story, his brother Roberto writes that Escobar spent as much as $2,500 every month just to buy enough rubber bands to hold the dollar-bills together. (See page 54.) Forbes magazine once estimated Pablo could be worth around $30 billion dollars.

But ... before we reach that part of Pablo's story ... let's investigate what he was like when he was still young.

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