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In the very late fall of 1949, a young boy was born in Colombia. He would live 44 years and come to be known—simultaneously—as a modern-day Robin Hood and a world-class criminal. His name was Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria.

Third of seven children, Pablo and his family were part of Colombia's middle-class, but they were poor. A devout Catholic, Pablo got into petty crimes when he was young. By the time he died, he was isolated from the people he loved the most ... his wife and two children.

Much has been written about Escobar, before and after his death in late 1993. Some of the pop-culture stories are a mixture of truth and fiction. But what did his family think about him? Did they know he was a criminal? When did they learn the truth about their son / brother / husband / father?

How was it possible that drug-processing, and drug-smuggling, became such a huge business in Colombia? How did Escobar get his start in this underworld of crime and deceit? Why did he follow that path?

In this story, behind the scenes of pop-culture books/movies/TV series, meet Escobar's family. Hear what they say about him. Learn how they assess his life and death. Determine how one man can be viewed so differently, depending on one's point-of-reference.

Along the way, consider the impact of crime on the lives of family members who struggle to understand the actions of someone they really love. Then ... discover how left-behind family members do their best to atone for the criminal actions of the one who died before he could atone for his own misdeeds.

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