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These family-photo images depict Pablo Escobar with his wife (Victoria), son (Juan Pablo) and daughter (Manuela) when the children were young. We also see the children, with their mother, years later.


Unable to see his family, after his escape from confinement, Escobar wrote them letters and worried about their safety. His mother recalls that he still was reassuring her everything was fine:

He said: “Don’t worry, Mama. Everything is OK. I am fine and everything is going well.” (From interview included in “Pablo Escobar's Private Archive”.)

Telling his cousin, Luzmila, that “he was going to the guerillas,” he asked her for daily-living things like toothpaste, pencils, papers, medicine and the like.  

What did Escobar mean when he said he was “going to the guerillas?” His brother Roberto, who was in jail at the time of the conversation, tells us what was on his brother’s mind in his 2009 book, The Accountant’s Story: Inside the Violent World of the Medellin Cartel:

Pablo had finally accepted that the government would not make an arrangement with him for his surrender. There was nothing he could do in Medellin for his family [who were living in a government-owned hotel in Bogota]. He needed to get back his power if he was going to make them release Maria Victoria and his children. So he was going to leave the city and go into the jungle to form up with his new group. (The Accountant’s Story, page 162.)

Where, in the jungle, would he go? With whom would he meet-up? Roberto continues his story:

He was going into his new life to set up Antioquia Rebelde, he said, which will fight for freedom. “We will establish an independent country called Antioquia Federal. I’ll be the new president.”  And as president, he would be free from the legal system of Colombia. (The Accountant’s Story, page 162.)

To his sister, Luz Maria, Pablo was becoming a sad-looking man:

I saw a sad man, made desperate by the situation. (From interview included in “Pablo Escobar's Private Archive”.)

Desperate to see his children, Escobar risked detection. During his last meeting, with his son and daughter, Pablo told his daughter a story. An audio recording of that event survives. Here are some of its words (translated into English):

Once upon a time, Manuelita was with Neptune [a horse  which Pablo had used to escape a police raid, then gave to his young daughter]. She decided to go for a walk in the woods. They went on down the road and far away they saw a small light ... When they were close, Manuelita heard some laughter ... Manuelita was alone ... [“No,” we hear her say.]

Manuelita knocked and an old woman came out. She was a good witch ... Magnolia, the old woman, the good fairy, told Manuelita:  “I came to guide you down the good path because the other one is bad.”

One day Manuelita gets up and saw Magnolia was dead ... She ... picked up the pillow, and then she saw there was a note under it.

“Dear Manuelita, I have lived many, many years. I will die at the very moment I am writing to you. Therefore, I have decided to give you my magic wand. But I ask you to use it only for good things ...” A goodbye kiss, and you’ll live for a thousand years. (“Pablo Escobar's Private Archive”.)

Luz Maria thinks Escobar was preparing his little daughter for the death of her own father:

Pablo made up a story about a good witch and a bad witch. I felt that this was how he was saying goodbye to Manuela. Many times he told our family: “You all know that no mobster dies of old age.” (From interview included in “Pablo Escobar's Private Archive”.)

That prediction would prove true for Pablo Escobar, too.

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