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Arthur Tudor, the Prince of Wales, was named for Arthur, the fabled King of England who—with his Knights of the Round Table—became the stuff of legends.

Son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, the young Prince would unite his country by virtue of his ancestry: Henry was from the House of Tudor and Elizabeth was from the House of York.

Aligning England with a foreign nation, Arthur would marry Catalina of Aragon (also known as Catherine, or Katherine, of Aragon) during November of 1501. He was 15; she was 16.

After their marriage, the young couple moved to Ludlow Castle, at the Welsh border.

Arthur died just six months later, leaving his teenaged wife a widow.

Catherine's future, as Queen of England and then as the cast-off Dowager Princess of Wales, has remained a topic of story-telling for the hundreds of years which have passed since her death.

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The image depicts a painting of Arthur, Prince of Wales, by an unknown artist, circa 1500. The oil-on-panel, which measures 15.4 x 11 inches (39.1 x 28 cm) is part of the Royal Collection.


Photograph of Ludlow Castle, by Ian Capper, taken on June 26, 2011. The view is from "Whitcliffe in evening sunshine. In the background is Brown Clee." License:  CC BY-SA 2.0.


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