Crossover Poet and Inspiration: Kwame Alexander - The Crossover -- Yes!

Kwame Alexander is a cool poet who works hard. When he wrote The Crossover, many people didn’t think a poetry book about basketball was a good idea.  He went to many publishers who said, “NO” to publishing the book. Eighteen publishers rejected The Crossover.  Kwame Alexander wanted to hear “Yes,” so he kept on trying and kept on believing in the power of his words.  The words move us as they hop up and down and spin around the page.  Mr. Alexander writes words that say, “Yes” to poetry. 

Kwame Alexander visits schools, creates poetry workshops and at each of those events he reads his poems out loud.  Before he reads a poem, he frequently asks a student in the audience to help him out.  Kwame reads the poem and the student mimes the action. His poems come alive and the entire audience is rapt. 

TRY THIS: Try miming the action you see in the poem, Dribbling.  Read it out loud.  Imagine the action.  Read it again.  Create the action with your body.  Did the poem make you jump?  Did it make you move the ball on your imaginary court? 

There is poetry inside each of us waiting to come out.  Dig deep and you will find yours.  The topic doesn’t matter and it doesn’t have to rhyme.  It can be in poetic verse form or it can zigzag across the page. Read The Crossover and see how Kwame Alexander’s poetry becomes your inspiration.



Original Release: Jan 27, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Jun 02, 2016

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