Spencer West - Legless Man Summits Kilimanjaro - Preface

Spencer West, a legless athlete, reaches the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in June of 2012. It took seven days for him to make the grueling climb which he mostly did by walking on his hands and using the help of his wheelchair. For about 20% of the ascent, he was carried by his friends David Johnson and Alex Meers. Image online via Free the Children.


Just because the world tells us
that something is impossible
doesn’t mean we have to believe it!

Spencer West

From the moment he was born, in 1981, Spencer West had to deal-with a very unusual medical condition. As he describes it:

I was born with a genetic disease that caused the muscles in my legs not to work. (See Standing Tall, by Spencer West.)

His doctors immediately knew something was very wrong. Their way to remedy the problem was to amputate the little boy’s legs—first at the knees, then at the pelvis.

If Kenny and Tonette West agreed to do that, their son would be left with half-a-body.

With no options available to them, Spencer’s parents agreed.

But Spencer has never really had half-a-body. It only looks  that way to people who measure such things by physical appearances.

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