What is AwesomeStories?

Welcome to AwesomeStories, a place where:

Historical figures are real people;

Places are online field trips;

Facts and figures are compelling stories;

Points of view are knowable and debatable;

Primary sources are findable and usable;

Original documents are alive with scratch-­outs and edits;

Videos reveal meaningful context;

Images enhance learning; and

Online reading and research is guided and fun.

Here's something more (as the one-minute video at the top of this page reveals). Study topics come alive at AwesomeStories. Depending on the teacher’s preference, students can:

  • “See” the story unfolding before their eyes in class (then view it, with their parents, at home);
  • “Think about” the story (with essential questions, such as “How does nature help us to see things in a different light?”); and

Using an integrated approach—combining visual arts, science and language arts—students experience their topics in personalized-learning fashion with words and concepts suitable for a range of achievement levels. Then ... students can create stories, using the AwesomeStories’ archive of primary sources, to produce their own related work to share with their class, their family and (if accepted for publication) … the whole online world!

AwesomeStories ... a 21st-century learning-and-teaching tool.

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