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"Roberto Clemente", The Art of Baseball Exhibit, by Miller, Arthur K, SF Weekly, Fair Use.

Roberto continued to work hard at his sport and finally in 1960, he led the Pirates to a victory in the World Series. Most sports fans thought he should have received the MVP award for the series, but the sportswriters did not vote for him.

Robert did win many other awards though - awards based on his accomplishments and not votes. He won 12 straight Golden Glove Awards for fielding and defense.  He held four batting titles – twice he led all the major league teams in batting. Finally, in 1966, he received the MVP award.

In 1971, Roberto led the underdog Pittsburgh Pirates to a seven-game victory over the Baltimore Orioles. In this World Series he hit .414 with 12 hits, two home runs, four RBIs, and the winning run in the final game of the series. While much of his career he was denied the fame he deserved, the 1971 series made him a star. Writers called him one of the greatest baseball players of all time, and praised both his abilities and his efforts as a humanitarian. He often would go to the neighborhoods in Pittsburgh to coach young baseball player, and he always sent money home to his family.  

Even with some injuries in 1972, he was a strong competitor and was honored for his 3,000th hit in the last game of the season, (Only 10 other payers had ever reached this milestone). Roberto Clemente was at last recognized as the baseball star he had always been.

"When I put on my uniform, I feel I am the proudest man on earth."

--Roberto Clemente

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