Polk County Students Present Historical Stories - Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

This broadside rendering, by E. R. & E. C. Kellogg, depicts an 1865 artistic interpretation of John Wilkes Booth firing his derringer at President Lincoln. Maintained at the Library of Congress.


Abraham Lincoln's assassination was obviously no accident! It was in fact, on purpose! You all may know the basic story of the assassination. Some facts include: he was murdered in a theatre, or that John Wilkes Booth had planned the assassination. But, there are more facts and details that you surely want to know about!

On April 14th,1865, Lincoln was murdered. How, you may ask?  Well he was shot in the back of the head by John Wilkes Booth. Well before all this the assassin had to plan out his victim's tragic death of course! You know, Lincoln had gotten death threats from others, but he did not see this one coming! Booth had discussed with Surratt his plan to kidnap Lincoln and take him to Richmond. Surratt had agreed to it and so their plan formed.

Why would anyone want to kill Lincoln, you ask? Well back then Lincoln was involved in the departure of slavery. Some people did not approve of this. They wanted their own free workers. John Wilkes Booth was one of these people, and wanted slaves to be under the thumbs of their masters. Not only was Lincoln involved with this, but he was involved with getting women to vote in 1836.

People (men) wanted to be superior to women.They always would feel as if women were just baby-making factories. Lincoln disagreed with that...

Death met Lincoln in the eyes of many who were watching the play. This is not what the theatre meant when they said "a sight to see." A human's life was taken. The President was not meant to die at the time of the show!

Original Release: Jun 14, 2016

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