Character Education & AwesomeStories - Preface

"Character Education & AwesomeStories", by Kay Teehan, Original.


Most people believe that to be a successful individual you need to practice good character traits.  Such traits as Responsibility, Courage, Perseverance and Compassion are examples of what human beings admire and strive to exhibit.  But character attributes are not something we are born with.  These are learned behaviors that come from the environment in which we are raised.   Specifically-- these character traits are learned from our role models as we grow.  If one or both parents are soldiers-- you learn patriotism and commitment to country.  If you live in a home that financially supports charities, you learn generosity and caring.

Unfortunately, not all children grow up with positive role models in their life.  But that doesn't mean that they won't find universal role models that they can admire and emulate.  AwesomeStories has many intriguing stories of individuals that have demonstrated quality character values which has defined their tremendous accomplishments and are worthy of being role models for all of us.

This story will look at important character attributes and relate the stories of individuals who are known to exemplify those traits.


Original Release: Nov 04, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Sep 20, 2016

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