Abraham Lincoln - Preface

"Abraham Lincoln", 16th President of the United States, Biography, Fair Use.

Abraham Lincoln, a boy from a poor family, overcame many obstacles to become a strong and compassionate leader in perhaps the darkest hours of American history. During the time he was President, America's Union of States was transformed into two separate and warring countries in a prolonged fight that we now call the "American Civil War."

Through all the personal and political hardships Abraham endured in his life, he never lost sight of three important principles in which he strongly believed:

  • That the United States must remain one country in order to survive;
  • That slavery was very wrong;
  • That—no matter who won or lost the Civil War—all Americans must be helped and treated with respect and compassion.

He lived to see two of those three beliefs enacted in his lifetime:  The nation was again made whole, and slavery was made illegal. His third goal—that all Americans be treated with respect and compassion—may never become reality, but it remains a worthy goal for all of us.

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