It's All About The Forces

For a ski jumper, it’s all about understanding forces. Once the skier pushes off and starts his descent, every movement is critical.  The goal is to reach the bottom of the ramp with as much speed as possible. At the end of the ramp the skier will launch himself skyward, but his work is not done. Once in flight, one force is no longer at play, but others still are. The fate of the skier rests on his ability to control those forces.

While at the start gate, all forces are balanced. How do we know? Simple, the skier has not yet started to move. That will all end soon as the timer counts down…3...2…1...Start. The skier lunges forward and starts his descent down the specially constructed takeoff ramp, known as an inrun.  You might think it is all up to gravity, but you would be wrong.

Original Release: Dec 13, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Dec 13, 2016

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