Bitter Harvest - Story of the Holodomor - Preface

Nina Marchenko created this painting, entitled "The Children of the Holdomor." It is part of the collection "Holodomor; Through the Eyes of Ukrainian Artists," initiated by Founder/Trustee E. Morgan Williams. The image is online via Holdomor Research & Education Consortium.


It was Stalin who gave the order to pillage Ukraine,
to take away the grain, and export it
while our children died by the thousands.

Mykhailo Prokopenko
Holodomor Eyewitness
Chekasy Region


It’s 1933, in the Soviet Union. Food is used by Soviet leaders as a weapon against people who are proving troublesome.

One of the countries, with troublesome people, is Ukraine.

Famine is being engineered, deliberately, in the North Caucasus, in the Volga Basin and in Ukraine. The Soviet secret police seal-off Ukraine’s borders, preventing anyone inside the country from leaving or anyone outside the country from entering.

This sealing-of-borders means no one can get food into the country.

In less than two years, an estimated ten million people in the USSR die as a result. They have been strangled by hunger. Between six and seven million have died in Ukraine.

Around three million of the dead are children.

No sympathy is extended from the Soviet leaders to the people who are dying of unneeded hunger. To make matters worse, this is occurring in areas known for their significant food-production.

Why did this happen?

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