Student Stories on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon - The Hanging Gardens of Babylon By Grace Ponzo & Jorgia Brewer

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The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are one of the 7 wonders of the world. They were a beautiful sight and had quite astonishing facts. But were the hanging gardens real? Where was this ancient wonder located? Let’s find out.

Where is it?

People think that it was located in Hillah, Babil Province, Iraq. But no one really knows where it was. According to Dr. Stephanie Dalley, a scholar from Oxford University, it was not the Babylonians who built it—it was the Assyrians.

This is a picture of what many think the Hanging Gardens of Babylon may have looked like.

When was it discovered?

The Hanging Garden of Babylon was first described by Berossus, a Babylonian writer who lived in the third century B.C. He seems to have described it before anybody else knew about it.

Extra Info

A little something you might not know about the Gardens is they are also associated with the mythical Assyrian queen Semiramis. Another fact you may not know is that many people think that it was a very romantic place because of the picture perfect sights.

Who made it?

The gardens were created by a man named Nebuchadnezzar. He made it for his wife, Amytis of Media. He loved his wife and cherished her. She missed the beauty of her homeland, so the king had this made for her.

This image shows an artist's interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar.

The Gardens were beautiful and it’s a shame that they don’t exist anymore. It is debated if they ever existed at all.

Why was it built?

Nebuchadnezzar built it because his wife missed the things about her homeland. The Gardens helped her feel comforted. She was homesick and it helped her feel better.


The Gardens, as they were described, must have been truly magnificent. Even though their existence is often debated, the descriptions left to us from history are beautiful.

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