Research Basis-How AS Works - 21st Century Technology Integration, Learning Conditions and Standards

The Partnership for 21st Century Learning serves as a catalyst for building collaborative partnerships among education, business, community and government leaders. The intent is to help all learners acquire the knowledge and skills they need to to thrive in a world where change is constant and learning never stops.

The P21 Framework presents a holistic view of 21st-century teaching and learning that combines a discrete focus on 21st-century student outcomes (a blending of specific skills, content knowledge, expertise and literacies) with innovative support systems to help students master the multi-dimensional abilities required of them in the 21st century and beyond.

ISTE, The International Society for Technology in Education has led the development of standards for teachers, students and leaders in digital citizenship, technology integration and media in learning. ISTE hosts the world's largest annual education technology conference. 

ISTE Standards for Students 

ISTE Standards for Teachers 

Essential Conditons: Necessary conditions to effectively leverage technology for learning 


Edutopia is a leading voice illuminating and showcasing what works in education. They show people how they can adopt best practices and tell stories of innovation and continuous learning in the real world. At Lucas Education Research, we develop and evaluate methods that profoundly impact the course of learning and lifelong achievement. Lucas Education Research strives for quality, replicability, and scalability.

Five Minute Film Festival: Copyright and Fair Use for Educators 

Common Sense Media
Common Sense is a leading, independent advocate for improving the media landscape for kids and families, providing ratings and information on education technology and media resources.

Common Sense Media Digital Literacy and Citizenship Use Scope and Sequence

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