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We don’t know whether the “Maybrick Diary” is really the diary of James Maybrick. But ... if it is ...there’s an entry which places Florie’s husband in the city of Manchester during late 1888. Manchester, with its many factories, was significant during England’s industrial-revolution years. In this image we see housing in the Ancoats area of Manchester (also known as the “cradle of industrialization”). This image depicts Ancoats circa 1895—as seen from the roof of Victoria Hall—and is online via Manchester Libraries. Click on the image for a full-page view.


With the murder of Mary Jane Kelly, Jack the Ripper was finished in Whitechapel. The "Maybrick Diary" states:

I cannot live without my medicine. I am afraid to go to sleep for fear of my nightmares reoccuring. I see thousands of people chasing me, with Abberline in front dangling a rope.

Thinking that London had become unsafe for him, Maybrick—according to diary supporters—decided to commit another murder in Manchester.

I am tired and fear the city of whores has become too dangerous for I to return...My first was in Manchester so why not my next? If I was to do the same as the last that would throw the fools into a panick especially that fool Abberline...

The diary notes a Manchester victim the week after Christmas, 1888:

I could not cut like my last, visions of her flooded back to me as I struck. I tried to quash all thoughts of love. I left her for dead that I know. It did not amuse me. There was no thrill...

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