Jack the Ripper - A HORRIBLE DEATH

As reported in contemporary newspapers, the body of Mary Ann (“Polly”) Nichols was discovered by Constable Neil in a part of London’s East End known as “Buck’s Row.” The coroner’s report gives the following details about her: “5'2" tall; brown eyes; dark complexion; brown hair turning grey; five front teeth missing (Rumbelow); two bottom-one top front (Fido), her teeth are slightly discoloured. She is described as having small, delicate features with high cheekbones and grey eyes. She has a small scar on her forehead from a childhood injury.”


Not only was her throat slit, Mary Ann Nichols had been disemboweled with a murder weapon Dr. Henry Llewellyn (the surgeon who examined her after death) described as

...a long-bladed knife, moderately sharp,
and used with great violence...

Near the end of the Inquest, the coroner was still surprised that the murderer got away without notice:

It seems astonishing at first thought that the culprit should have escaped detection, for there must surely have been marks of blood about his person.

If, however, blood was principally on his hands, the presence of so many slaughter-houses in the neighbourhood would make the frequenters of this spot familiar with blood-stained clothes and hands, and his appearance might in that way have failed to attract attention while he passed from Buck’s row [where the body was found and depicted, in a 1960s' photo, as a garage doorway] in the twilight into Whitechapel Road, and was lost sight of in the morning’s market traffic.

Inspector Frederick Abberline, from the Metropolitan Police, attended the coroner’s inquest regarding Mary Ann Nichols’ death. As lead investigator for the Ripper’s murders, Abberline had no idea what was in store for him.

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