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John and Alicia Nash, seen here on the Princeton University campus, remarried in 2001.  They have a son whose name is John Charles Martin Nash (born in 1959). Nash also has a son (with now-deceased Eleanor Stier, a nurse) who was born in 1953. His name is John David Stier who, like his mother, is a registered nurse. Professor Nash's younger son is a mathematician who also battles schizophrenia.


By his own measure, Dr. Nash has recovered from his decades-long illness. The standard against which he judges illness and wellness?

I would not treat myself as recovered if I could not produce good things in my work.

In 1994, at the age of 66, he shared the Nobel Prize for work he did as a graduate student. Most of his colleagues have commented that his dissertation, for which he was honored, is far-less sophisticated than his later work.

The film, A Beautiful Mind, raises some questions about the real Professor Nash and his later work:

  • Did he ever work for the Department of Defense? No.
  • Is the movie really based on his life? Loosely.

What does Professor Nash himself think of how he is portrayed in the film? At about the time of its release, he gave an interview to the Princeton Weekly Bulletin:

It's very fictional, and that makes me more relaxed in a way...It was disturbing psychologically overall, but when I could think of it with some 'apartness' it was different...Now that it [the movie] has been made, I want it to be successful. I think it's going to be entertaining and interesting.

"Interesting" ... just like John Nash himself who remarried Alicia during the summer of 2001.

Today, in his 80s, John Nash is still working, but his job is different now. Both he and Alicia are helping to raise awareness for mental-health needs, particularly in their state of New Jersey.

Both are worried that not enough resources are available to help Americans who need mental-health assistance. By his presence alone, Dr. Nash seems to say:

Here I am human, I have a life, look at what I have achieved.

John and Alicia are especially concerned because their son, John Charles, also has schizophrenia (an illness sometimes called "cancer of the mind." When they are no longer around, to support him, they are hopeful that other resources will be available to help meet his needs.

They share the same concerns as many other families, throughout the country, that America will not ignore the needs of its most-vulnerable citizens. They are willing to lend their names to fight for whatever help can be given.

After he recovered his own life, Dr. Nash remained busy on other fronts as well. Was he on hand to attend the movie's premiere? Not hardly. He and Alicia went to Stockholm to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize awards.

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