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In 1779, Francis Holman, a member of the Royal Navy, created a series of four paintings depicting the July 7, 1777 naval engagement between the American Continental frigates Hancock and Boston and three British ships. This image depicts the third painting of the series. Opposing the American ships were H.M.S. Fox plus the frigates Flora and Rainbow.  The four paintings are maintained at the Peabody Essex Museum.


Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold (while he was still fighting as a patriot) captured Fort Ticonderoga - AND its weapon supplies - without a single casualty.

General Henry Knox, a close associate of General Washington, took charge of transporting the much-needed artillery on sleds, traveling 300 miles to Boston during the cold dead of winter.

About five months after Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen captured the arsenal at Ft. Ticonderoga, the Continental Congress established the U.S. Navy (on October 13, 1775). Admiral Esek Hopkins was the first (and only) Commander-in-Chief of the American "fleet" (six war vessels).

The first battleship ever owned by America was the U.S.S. Alfred (formerly a 24-gun private vessel known as the Black Prince).

Taking command of the Alfred on December 3, 1775, Lt. John Paul Jones raised a thirteen-striped flag representing the thirteen colonies. It is known today as the "Grand Union Flag".

With additional weapons and a new Continental Navy, the thirteen colonies ended 1775 still owned by Britain. Within months, however, they would formally declare their independence from George III.

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