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This image is a detail from “The Liberty Window” located at Christ Church in Philadelphia. It shows “The Prayer in the First Congress, A.D. 1774.” The stained-glass-and-lead window is based on a painting by Harrison Tompkins Matteson, c. 1848. Online via the Library of Congress, courtesy of the Rector, Church Wardens and Vestrymen of Christ Church, Philadelphia.


Believing they could stand against the British, the Continental Congress established the U.S. Navy on November 28, 1775. Admiral Esek Hopkins was the first (and only) Commander-in-Chief of the American "fleet" (six war vessels).

The first battleship owned by America was the U.S.S. Alfred (formerly a 24-gun private vessel known as the Black Prince). Lt. John Paul Jones took command of the one-year-old Alfred on December 3, 1775, as he raised the first flag of the United States: the Grand Union Flag.

With additional weapons and a new Continental Navy in place, the thirteen colonies ended 1775 in a way they would never end another year: British-owned.

Within months, the patriots would formally declare their independence from George III.

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