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In 1974, whites in Boston protested the city's decision to bus students (black and white) to other schools in the area. WBUR, the National Public Radio station in Boston, has a retrospective of the high emotions (for and against busing) which people displayed at the time. The AP photo depicted here is one of the slide-show pictures at WBUR's website. Copyright, AP, all rights reserved. Image provided here as fair use for educational purposes.


Many Southern states had a history of segregated schools. "Jim Crow" laws, long upheld by federal courts, had effectively created two separate societies. African-Americans who endured humiliating treatment still remember what it was like.

The two societies were "separate," but they were hardly "equal."

As federal courts moved from "separate but equal" to enforced integration, judges allowed schools to bus white children to black schools and/or black students to white schools. It seemed an immediate way to cure segregation.

Parents and students who opposed those actions protested. Demonstrations were not limited to the South.

In 1964, while blacks marched in favor of school desegregation in Cleveland, whites rioted against it. Turbulent times often breed harsh actions.

Fourteen years later, people were still protesting: Blacks supported forced busing and integration while whites opposed it. As the 20th century ended, people in Cleveland complained that the quality of education in their schools was worse than ever.

In Boston, where some of the most violent anti-busing protests occurred, people agreed that the quality of education in their city needed dramatic improvement. Many individuals (black and white, in Boston and elsewhere) now support the idea of neighborhood schools.

And in Ann Arbor ... 30 years after the busing issue erupted ... it was still an upsetting issue.

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