Death of a Tsar: Romanov Execution - ARE THESE ROMANOV BONES?

What do the bones that Ryabov and Avdonin found in 1979 tell us? President Yeltsin ordered their disinterment and the remains have been studied by Russian and American teams. Dr. William R. Maples, head of the American team, discusses his findings in Dead Men Do Tell Tales.

After a great deal of study, including DNA samples from Queen Elizabeth II's husband, Prince Philip, (whose grandmother was Princess Victoria of Hess, Alexandra's sister), Dr. Maples is sure the remains belong to the Romanov family. The DNA evidence is "almost 99 percent" which, coupled with strong skeletal evidence, makes it virtually certain the bones belong to the Romanovs and their staff. Except there are absolutely no skeletal remains for two people: Alexei and (it was initially thought) Anastasia.

Did the missing remains give further credence to the claims of Anna Anderson and "Heino?" Maybe. Maybe not, according to Dr. Maples. In his final report, he recommends that

...the site around the pit be carefully excavated and searched for the remains of the two bodies Yurovsky said he burned. I believe such a dig might well turn up the calcined remains of Anastasia and Alexei.(Page 267, Dead Men Do Tell Tales).

While speculation continued about the Tsar's two youngest children, the rest of the family were laid to rest. Even President Yeltsin paid tribute.) In the subsequent years, however, two additional bodies were located. It is believed they are the remains of Alexei and his sister Maria (not Anastasia).

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