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Ken Taylor was the Canadian ambassador to Iran on the day the hostage crisis began - November 4, 1979.  He and his wife, Pat, lived in Tehran at the time.

The Taylors - together with John and Zena Sheardown - allowed six Americans who had escaped from the U.S. Embassy compound to live in their homes for more than 2½ months as they tried to figure-out how to escape from Iran.

Always worried that their "houseguests" would be "found out," the Taylors became particularly concerned on the day Pat received an unusual telephone call.  A male caller wanted to speak with someone named "Stafford."  The situation is described, with some detail, in The Canadian Caper, by Jean Pelletier:

Pat Taylor fought to steady her voice.  "There is no one here by that name.  I don't know anyone named Stafford.  Maybe you should speak to the ambassador.  He's at the embassy."  She gave the caller the number, and he rang off abruptly.  (Pelletier quoting Pat Taylor, at page 210 of The Canadian Caper.)

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