ARGO - Summary

Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) isn't exactly sure he can help.  How could a CIA "master of disguise" find a way to get six U.S. government workers out of Iran at a time when tensions between the two countries are utterly strained? 

Then ... Tony calls a friend in Hollywood.  John Chambers (John Goodman) is a make-up artist who'd helped Tony in the past.  Can the pair concoct an ex-filtration plan which would hold-up in the face of enormously adverse odds?

In this story behind ARGO, meet the real people involved in the true saga which inspired the film.  Step back in time to a point when Iran and the US were friends.  Learn why that friendship was dramatically damaged (in the 1950s) and who was responsible. 

Discover another missed opportunity, for friendship between then-foes, in the aftermath of "September 11."  Explore the concept of "back-door diplomacy" which sometimes works (and sometimes doesn't).

Along the way:

  • Virtually visit Iran and the Canadian homes where the six Americans lived until they could escape; 
  • "Meet" Ken and Pat Taylor (the Canadian ambassador and his wife), John and Zana Sheardown (the Canadian diplomat who first offered to help) and the six escapees themselves - Mark and Cora Lijek, Bob Anders, Lee Schatz, Joe and Kathy Stafford - who weren't exactly convinced that the ARGO scheme could work; 
  • See pictures of the Iranian Revolution, the hostage crisis and the actual ARGO plane;
  • Ponder how a no-choice surrender at the Embassy led to a limited-choice plan of escape; and
  • Learn what really happened when the ARGO plan came together.


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Author: Carole D. Bos, J.D. 5190stories and lessons created

Original Release: Oct 01, 2012

Updated Last Revision: Nov 09, 2016

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