ATC Cleveland Center - Flight 93 Hijacking Transmissions

This clip is the actual FAA Air Traffic Control transmission from ATC Cleveland Center on the morning of September 11, 2001. 

In addition to routine discussion, between the Center and pilots in the air, is the hijacking of United Flight 93.

Air traffic controllers, at Cleveland Center, ask other pilots to verify whether they heard screaming on a transmission from an in-air flight.  Several reported they did - on two separate occasions.

Meanwhile, Cleveland Center continuously tries to make contact with Flight 93 - to no avail. 

Near the end of this clip - as controllers try to figure out what is happening with Flight 93 - we hear someone say there is a bomb on board.

Keep in mind that this historical evidence, of the events unfolding on Flight 93, was recorded in real time.

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Original Release: Oct 07, 2013

Updated Last Revision: Apr 21, 2019

Media Credits

Clip online, courtesy FAA.


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