Admiral Karl Doenitz

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In service of the Third Reich, Karl Doenitz was in charge of the Kriegsmarine (German Navy) during World War II, attaining the rank of Grand Admiral. Among other things, he was commander of Germany's fleet of U-Boats.

Before committing suicide, in April of 1945, Hitler appointed Doenitz as his successor. He served as President of the Reich until Germany's unconditional surrender in May of 1945.

Approximately 863 submarines were under Admiral Doenitz's command during the war.  Of those U-Boats, 756 were lost by war’s end.

Duty on board the U-Boats was not only difficult, it was often deadly.  Close to 28,000 of the approximately 36,000 German U-boat crew members died in action.

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This image, from a vintage postcard, depicts Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz.  It is online via Wikimedia Commons.



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