Aerial View of Peshtigo

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One of the eyewitness accounts about the Peshtigo fire was authored by a priest named Father Peter Pernin.  Born in France, Father Pernin was about 46 years old at the time of the fire.  He was parish priest for both Peshtigo (St. Mary's) and the nearby town of Marinette (Lourdes).

Both of his churches burned to the ground.

A few years after the conflagration, Father Pernin wrote a book about the events.  It was originally published in Montreal, during 1874.  An updated version of the book is available from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

This map, from Father Pernin's original work, depicts the area of Peshtigo in which he lived and worked.

Click on the image for a closer view.


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Image online from a reprint of Father Pernin's book - The Great Peshtigo Fire:  An Eyewitness Account - from the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (1971). Copyright, 1971, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, all rights reserved.  Image provided here as fair use for educational purposes.



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