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When Texas was still part of Mexico, a former Spanish mission known as The Alamo was captured by rebel forces. Those rebels thought they could form a new country (the Republic of Texas). Some were Americans (who had previously become Mexican citizens).

Men like Davy Crockett (Billy Bob Thornton), William Travis (Patrick Wilson) and James Bowie (Jason Patric) believed in the rebel’s cause. But how could they resist the Mexican General, Santa Anna, who was keen to defeat them?

As the rebels positioned themselves for a difficult battle, Travis sent a message urgently requesting reinforcements. They never arrived.

Why did the Alamo defenders resist the Mexican General, Santa Anna? What were they fighting for? What made them believe they could form a new country only fifteen years after Stephen Austin (an American) first received permission to colonize a part of Mexico? And why, when the Alamo was besieged, did so few aid the garrison's men?

Answers to some of those questions are still shrouded in mystery, while answers to others depend on one’s point of view. What is clear is a massacre took place - both at the Alamo and at Goliad. The memory of the dead, and how they were slaughtered, became a rallying cry for troops under the command of General Sam Houston (Dennis Quaid) as they victoriously fought the battle of San Jacinto.

In this story behind the movie, virtually visit the Alamo (in San Antonio, Texas). Examine the evidence, including original letters, and meet some of the key participants such as the real Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, William Travis, Santa Anna and Francita Alavez (also known as “The Angel of Goliad”).

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