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The Stroop Report, which was used as evidence of atrocities in the Nuremberg War Trials, documents the destruction of the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw.  It is named for the German officer in charge of the operation, Jürgen Stroop, who originally sent the report to Heinrich Himmler in May, 1943.

There are three parts to the report:  (1)  Introduction and summary of the SS Operations; (2) Collection of daily communiques; and (3) Photographs documenting what occurred during the attack and destruction of the ghetto.

Three versions of the report were prepared, and each was recovered after the war in Europe was over.  The albums, which vary slightly, are now located at the U.S. National Archives (in Washington, D.C.), the Bundesarchiv (in Koblenz) and the Institute of National Remembrance in Warsaw.

This image is the first page of the report.  Its English translation is: 

The Warsaw Ghetto is No More!

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Image, Polish National Archives. 


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