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Statue of Alexander the Great.  Maintained at the Istanbul Archaeology Museum.  Image online, courtesy Wikimedia Commons. 


Ever to be best
and stand
Far above all others.

Allegedly One of Alexander's Favorite Lines from Homer 

Alexander the Great was born at the right time, with the right genes, and the right personality. By the time he died, at age 33, he ruled over 2 million square miles. He never lost a battle (except one against nature). Few men have changed the world as much as he.

Taught by Aristotle, the young prince had other advantages. Through his mother, Olympias, he was descended (it is said) from Achilles. Through his murdered father, Philip II of Macedon (pronounced “Bilip” by his countrymen), he inherited a great army.

Propelled by ambition and brilliant strategy, Alexander was a military genius. Thousands of years later he was still a role model for would-be conquerors, like Napoleon Bonaparte.

Who was Alexander? What did he look like? Do any of his own writings survive? Although many of his generals lived to be old men, why did he die at such a young age? Do we have facts, or merely legends, about him?

Turns out, "the greatest legend of all was real." 

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