Amos Pampaloni and Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Although the author of Captain Corelli's Mandolin  denies it, Amos Pampaloni may be the real person on whom the fictional character Antonio Corelli is based.

Pampaloni was the only artillery Captain, serving with Italy's occupation forces on the Greek island of Cephalonia, at the time that Italy signed an Armistice, with the Allies, during WWII. This, and other facts about Pampaloni during his time on the Greek island, seem to fit with the "facts" of the fictional Corelli.

Amos lived well into his 90s; in this image, he is 94.

Photo online via Cefalonia.it—an Italian-language website about the events of September 22, 1943.

Media Credits

Photo by unnamed photographer; image, depicting Amos Pampaloni at the age of 94, is online via Cefalonia.it.


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