Analyze Story Elements

Standard Basis:

CCSS ELA Literacy RL.7.3


Analyze how particular elements of a story or drama interact. Profoundly deaf, Ludwig van Beethoven writes extraordinary classical music that is still popular today. Instead of allowing deadness to overwhelm him, Beethoven begins a period of prodigious and brilliant composition. Pick a character education word that can be used to describe Beethoven and write a short essay (at least 15 sentences) explaining why this word can be used to describe him. Make sure you define the word in your essay. Cite how Beethoven interacts with other characters and how becoming deaf shapes him. Cite directly from the story and links that provide evidence of the characteristic you chose. Character education words:Caring, Citizenship, Compassionate, Confident, Cooperative, Courageous, Courteous, Creative, Curious, Determined, Disciplined, Educated, Empathic, Enthusiastic, Fair, Flexible, Forgiving, Friendly, Generous, Gentle, Grateful, Honest, Hopeful, Innocent, Integrity, Kind, Loyal, Obedient, Patient, Punctual, Persistent, Reliant, Resilient, Respectful, Responsible, Sincere, Tolerant, Trustworthy, Understanding

Associated Story: Beethoven

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