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"Hawaiian Fishpond", Fishpond in Hawaii, http://www.mauitheatre.com/blog/koieie-rebuilding-a-traditional-hawaiian-fishpond/koieie-scottines-2/, Public Domain.

Did you know that ancient Hawaiians used spears and fishponds to collect fish to eat?

Did you know that women used the nets to catch fish? Men did as well. They used nets for fishing but mostly used spears because they can stab at the fish to make it easier. The men went fishing so they can get food for themselves because some women couldn’t eat certain things according to the kap’u rules.

What they used for ancient Hawaiian fishing was spears made out of koa trees and dyed it with kakui juice. The Hawaiians used spears because there were no fishing poles at that time. An interesting fact I learned is that ancient Hawaiians were the first people to make use of fishing! The island of Oahu has the privilege of being a gathering spot for large fish.

Fishponds are where the Hawaiians stored their fish. The fishponds were small ponds surrounded by rock on the beach. There was an opening so new fish can go in and old fish can go out. The Hawaiian men ate fish out of the fishponds. For example fishponds stored awa [milk fish], mulite, sea pig [state fish], shrimp, guppies, and other sea creatures.

Do you know that ancient Hawaiians used home made nets and now today we use nets to bring the fish in so the lines do not break. Do you still go fishing? Do you share food with your family? 

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