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"kapu sign", kapu means rules in Hawaiian, nauwalenotours.com, Public Domain.

What kind of rules did Ancient Hawaiians have? What punishment would they get if they disobeyed rules? What was the Hawaiian word for rules? Well, you are about to find out!

Rules were super important to Hawaiians. And I don`t just mean important, I mean very important. It was so important that if you broke it, your punishment would be severe. Rules meant death if they didn`t obey!

One of the main kapu (rules) that Hawaiians had was that women were the people that couldn`t eat certain things. Women couldn`t eat sixty of the seventy types of bananas and they also couldn`t eat coconuts and they couldn`t even make coconut rope! They couldn`t cook or prepare taro either. Women couldn`t eat some large fish and they couldn`t eat pork either. That is a lot of things women couldn`t eat! And it`s mostly because lots of foods were saved for royalty and most foods were the body form of gods so they had to give their food to the gods. Most of the gods were Lono , Kanaloa, Ku, and Kane. And guess what, not only couldn`t WOMEN eat certain things but girls couldn`t eat certain things either! Sometimes men couldn`t eat certain things either but women couldn`t eat as much as the men could eat!

Now, here`s the answer to what Kapu (rules) really means. Hawaiians liked to refer to Kapu as sacred or forbidden. It also means privacy. As long as we know, Kapu has a larger meaning to most residents of Hawaii!

Luckily, King Liholiho abolished kapu right after King Kamehameha passed away. Guess how he abolished kapu? Well, he abolished kapu by eating with the women! After King Liholiho abolished kapu, everyone celebrated. We are really lucky they don`t have these rules today! 

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