Ancient Olympics - Summary

Since 1896, athletes from around the world have competed in the Olympics. Baron Pierre de Coubertin, father of the “modern” Olympics, believed that athletic competition between amateur athletes would help improve international relations. He initially faced strong opposition.

 Athens, the capital of Greece, hosted the first modern games. For more than a thousand years, another place in Greece - a sacred area called Olympia - hosted the ancient games. What do we know of those ancient games? How did they start? Why were they always held in Olympia?

In this story about the Olympics, take a trip back in time to the Archaic Period of ancient Greece. Learn the legend behind the games. Visit Olympia and view the places where competitions took place. See the crumbling remains of the great temple of Zeus.

Meet some of the athletes (Olympians were all male back then) and learn when (and where) female athletes and spectators were allowed to participate or observe events. Prepare to be shocked about the type of penalty imposed on ancient females who disobeyed the rules. And ... discover when restrictions were finally lifted in the modern games, allowing female athletes to compete for Olympic medals.


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