Student Stories on the Lighthouse of Alexandria - The Pharos Lighthouse in Ancient Times by Casey McNulty

The Pharos Lighthouse was about 450 feet in height. 

Imagine that you were a sailor and you got lost at sea and your ship hit a bunch of huge rocks in the water then you got stuck. How would you get unstuck? This is the purpose of the Pharos Lighthouse in Egypt. The Mediterranean Sea is a big area and people trade with others around the coastline. The Pharos lighthouse guides ships away from the rocks and land or to the harbor safely.

Around the year 290-270 B.C., the Pharos Lighthouse was built in Egypt next to the Mediterranean. (see source 1 paragraph 1 and 2.) The lighthouse didn’t look like any regular lighthouse; it had three stories each on top of the other one. The lighthouse was so tall it was like a twentieth-century skyscraper. Unfortunately, what goes up must come down.    

On August 8th, 1303 the Pharos lighthouse was destroyed by a massive earthquake, but it had been hit by earthquakes before. Except this times it didn’t stay intact. The whole lighthouse fell into the Mediterranean. (In source 1 paragraph 1 and 2 the author states that the lighthouse did eventually fall down.)     

What goes up must come down

Some people think that Alexander the Great created the lighthouse but it was really just the name of the place in Egypt. The lighthouse was designed by Sostratus and built by the Ptolemaic Kingdom.

Once Alexander the Great died, the lighthouse was finished during the time of Ptolemy, the new ruler of Egypt. By the time it was finished everyone thought Ptolemy had built it so he should get his name carved into the lighthouse, but Sostratus told everyone he built it so he got his name in the lighthouse.

Overall, the Pharos lighthouse was very helpful to ships and was beautiful to the eye.

Although the Pharos lighthouse isn’t up anymore we still know it was very helpful when it was up. I was very interested in the lighthouse, so one day you should look it up and find out more information. There is more than just one Wonder of the World--there are Seven Ancient Wonders in total. 

Original Release: May 23, 2017

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