Animation of Cory Lidle's Fatal Flight Path - NTSB

This animation - created by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) - demonstrates what happened on October 11, 2006 when Cory Lidle and his flight instructor, Tyler Stanger, crashed Cory's single-engine SR20 into a Manhattan high rise.

The following excerpt from the NTSB Probable Cause Report, split into paragraphs for easier reading, provides information from eyewitnesses to the crash:

There were predominantly five eyewitnesses to the accident. One eyewitness stated that the airplane entered a steep turn left toward the south, which continued until it struck a building.

Another reported that she saw the airplane in a left turn toward the south. The airplane continued in the turn until it crashed into a building.

Two witnesses reported that the airplane entered a left turn and was pulling up at the time it impacted the building.

A fifth witness stated that as the airplane was heading straight toward the building, the wings were “wobbling,” like the pilot was fighting for control. The airplane then pitched down and to the right and descended below his field of view prior to impact.

The crash killed both Cory Lidle and Tyler Stanger.

Media Credits

Video animation, produced by the NTSB for its Probable Cause Report (Accident Number DCA07MA003), regarding Cory Lidle's aircraft accident.  Online, courtesy NTSB.


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