Approach to Christmas - England in 1849

Approach to Christmas - England in 1849 Visual Arts Nineteenth Century Life Victorian Age

By circa 1849, when James Pollard created his "Approach to Christmas," people in England were using trees for decoration purposes.  Here we see a stage coach delivering goods to London markets. 

The coach - the Norwich “Times” - is traveling along the Mile End Road to London.  (See Edward Moog's 1806 map to locate that road.)  It is heading to Bull Inn at Aldgate (in the City of London) and contains goods to sell and parcels to deliver. 

On the top of the coach are trees.  They have no roots, have been sawn clean and are likely intended for Christmas-decoration purposes.

Pollard created this illustration about six years after Dickens published "A Christmas Carol."

By clicking on the image, to greatly expand it, you will see the various products - including poultry - being transported to London in time for the Christmas holiday.

Artwork, like this, helps us to examine how people in Britain were celebrating Christmas before/after the time of Dickens' famous story about Scrooge and his ghostly visitors.

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