Are Lies Ever Necessary?

Sometimes spreading a falsehood could be a necessary part of defending ourselves in times of war or conflict. Take “Plan BODYGUARD,” for example.

Extremely worried that Hitler and his commanders would figure-out the Allies’ plans in “Operation Overlord” - as the Normandy Invasion was called - Overlord planners developed an alternative strategy which was completely false.

The point of “BODYGUARD” was to distract German intelligence with a plan of deception which, despite its falseness, made sense.  It was so thorough that made-up landing points were given mission names and bogus maps were created and released.

We grow up being told not to lie and learning, firsthand, the consequences of telling a lie. How would you compare that approach to life in general with the subterfuge which the Allies created with “Plan BODYGUARD?”

After learning about the Allies’ plan of deception, to keep Germany from finding-out (or figuring-out) the truth about “Operation Overlord,” do you agree or disagree that lies might sometimes be necessary?  Explain your answer.

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