Armistice, 1918 - Germans Raise a White Flag

Armistice, 1918 - Germans Raise a White Flag (Illustration) World History Social Studies World War I

By the fall of 1918, Germans had endured four years of misery and loss.  Citizens and military men alike were getting tired of the war - just like their opponents.  In addition to the fighting, Spanish Flu was killing people in Europe.  It was time for the war to be over.

Then ... word circulated that the Allies were planning a major offensive - starting November 14th - to break the stalemated fighting.  Was that true or just a rumor?  

When the German high command expressed doubts they could win the war, something had to be done.  If not a surrender, what about cessation of hostilities?

Members of a German delegation, with a white flag of truce flying on their car, made their way to a train which would carry them to a secret location in a forest northeast of Paris.

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Original Release: Apr 18, 2014

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Media Credits

Photo - of German delegation traveling under a flag of truce, just before the Armistice - online, courtesy National Archives of Australia.


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