Assassination of John F. Kennedy - Summary

On the 22nd of November, 1963, John F. Kennedy (America’s president) and his wife, Jackie, visited Dallas, Texas. Their two young children (Caroline and John, Jr.) had remained behind in Washington.

This would be a busy trip. A scheduled motorcade, around lunch time, would allow many people in Dallas to watch as Jack and Jackie drove by in their limousine.

The Dallas School Book Depository was located along the well-publicized motorcade route. A new employee, Lee Harvey Oswald, worked inside the building.

As the motorcade turned toward Elm Street, Abraham Zapruder (a local businessman) positioned himself with his Bell and Howell 8mm camera. He'd located a great place to stand on the top of a concrete plinth. He waited for the President’s car to reach his line of sight.

As soon as he could see the President’s limo, which was traveling at about 11.2 miles per hour, Zapruder aimed his camera and recorded the President’s visit. Lee Harvey Oswald, according to the official investigation, aimed his rifle at the same target.

At about 12:30 p.m. CST, according to the official account, Oswald took his first shot. Zapruder’s film recorded what happened as President Kennedy was fatally struck by one of the bullets.

In this story about the events in Dallas, meet President Kennedy and his young family. Examine sections of Zapruder’s film plus photographs from the official records and the Warren Report. Take a trip to the sixth floor of the book depository to see the alleged sniper’s perch and the current museum’s live web cam.

Observe the actual bullets, Oswald’s rifle, the President’s shirt and other artifacts maintained by the National Archives (including the broken glass of JFK’s limo). Discover Oswald’s boarding house and trace his steps from there to the Texas Theater, where he was captured. See the .38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver (with which Oswald shot Officer J.D. Tippet) plus the artifacts associated with Oswald’s death two days later.

And ... Hear the first reports of the shooting, see clips of the President’s funeral and learn the background of the famous picture wherein John Jr. salutes his fallen father.


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