At a Glance - Games, Animations & Sample Topics

AwesomeStories is filled with great tales, unexpected connections and lots of surprises.  Discovering these resources is like conducting an online treasure hunt.

Beyond thousands of primary sources, you’ll find games and animations.  We’re featuring some here (together with interesting topics to catch your eye or capture your attention):


Anglo-Saxon Coins (click on “their coins,” 3rd paragraph from the bottom)

Ancient Britain - match the era with the objects (click on “Archaeological digs,” third-from-the-bottom paragraph)

Archeology - did deeper into the ancient past (click on “archeology helps,” last paragraph)

Archeology - rescue a prehistoric burial site from modern development (click on “disturb burial grounds,” second-to-last paragraph)

Battlefield Academy - it’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) against you (click on “Courage in the face of great danger,” last paragraph)

Battle of Hastings - play as Harold (the defender) or William (the invader) - click on “Battle of Hastings,” first bullet

Battle of Trafalgar - victors and vanquished (click on “defeated”)

Battle of Waterloo - play as Napoleon (the invader) or Wellington (the defender) - click on "Napoleon's attack," first paragraph after the bullets

Build a ziggurat (from Mesopotamia) - click on “built,” 2nd paragraph

Deep-Sea Diving - find the treasure without resurfacing (click on “deep-sea diving,” 3rd paragraph)

Gunpowder Plot - try to foil Guy Fawkes before he blows-up the Houses of Parliament (click on “check it out,” last paragraph)

Industrial Revolution - how would you manage the social gulf between rich and poor (click on “cotton,” first paragraph)

Industrial Revolution - how would you run a textile factory (click on “fortunes,” first paragraph)

Investigate a murder in ancient Rome - click on “investigate an Ancient-Rome murder,” 3rd paragraph

Iron-Age - make an Iron-Age roundhouse (click on “Iron-Age architecture,” 2nd paragraph)

Iron Age - reconstruct an Iron-Age chariot (click on “chariots,” 2nd paragraph)

Iron Age - recreate how ancient people made fires, baked bread and spun cloth (click on “during the Iron Age,” 1st paragraph)

Jousting in the Middle Ages (click on “Doing battle,” 3rd paragraph)

Life in Victorian England (click on “age of Queen Victoria,” 1st paragraph)

Medieval Painting - figure-out how to paint a medieval building so its original colors are restored (click on “cathedrals,” last paragraph)

Mummies - make an ancient-Egyptian mummy (click on “made in Egypt,” in the second-to-last paragraph

Pyramids - build a pyramid in the ancient-Egyptian manner (click on “pyramid,” 1st paragraph)

Roman Gladiators - select their clothes/weapons (click on “dress a Roman gladiator,” in the first paragraph)

Spying Game - crack the code which led to the death of Mary, Queen of Scots (click on “plotting to kill the Queen,” first paragraph

Stained-Glass Windows - position them in a medieval cathedral ... it's not as simple as you think (click on “story-telling windows,” last paragraph)

Viking Shipbuilding - build a ship in the Viking way (click on “building their ships,” 1st paragraph)

Women’s Rights - knock on doors, but don’t expect many to open (click on “those in Victorian Britain,” second-to-last paragraph)


Aftershocks - January 12, 2010 Haitian Earthquake

Animated map, summarizing WWII in Europe (click on “what the Nazis were doing,” 6th  paragraph)

Antimatter - Creating It in the Large Hadron Collider

Asteroid 2012 DA 14 - Animated Trajectory

Beethoven's 5th Symphony - Graphical Score Animation

Cocaine - effects on human body (click on “animation,” 8th paragraph)

Continental Drift - What is It?

Crab Nebula - animated tour

Earthquakes cause tsunamis ... how?

Feeding Tubes - How They Work (this is not for the squeamish)

Fossils - how fossilized remains develop (click on “fossilized dinosaur remains,” 2nd paragraph)

Galileo Discovers Jupiter's Four Largest Moons

Hadrian's Wall - Milecastles

Halley's Comet - Animated Version of Bayeux Tapestry

Henri Becquerel - Discovers Radioactivity ... how?

Higgs Boson - Animated Explanation

Human Brain - How It Works

Hurricane formation (click on “Great Storm,” 1st paragraph)

Huygens Probe Visits a Saturn Moon

Ides of March - "Julius Caesar"

Interactive volcano - create various types/eruptions (click on “volcanic eruptions, 2nd paragraph”)

Lusitania - animation of a famous disaster

Macbeth - The Play and the Story Behind It, Part 1

Panama Canal - how the locks work (click on “animation,” second paragraph)

Photosynthesis, an Elementary Overview

Photosynethesis, the biology of plants

Pre-Quake in Haiti - Four Months of Seismic Activity

PULSAR - Animated Travel Through Space

Rugby - The Game in Detail

Russian Strategy at Stalingrad - Animated Map

September 11 - Twin Towers’ collapse (click on “animated reconstruction, 5th paragraph”)

Space shuttle, normal reentry (click on “normal,” first paragraph)

Splitting an atom - create a chain reaction (click on “chain reaction,” 4th paragraph)

St Patrick, an Irish child’s hilarious viewpoint

Superconducting magnets inside the Hadron Collider

Tenerife Air Crash - FAA Animation

The Lorax, an early animation

Track, “Great Hurricane of 1900" (click on “strike,” in the second-to-last paragraph)

Tsunami ... why does it roar?


Alamo, Fall of
Alexander the Great, Conquests of
Allied Expeditionary Force, North Russia
America, Eighteenth-Century Life
Apollo 1
Apollo 11
Apollo 13
Armada, Spanish - Defeat of
Arnold, Benedict - American Traitor
Assassination, President Garfield
Assassination, President Kennedy
Assassination, President Lincoln
Assassination, President McKinley
Assassination, Robert F. Kennedy
Assassination, Romanov Family
Atomic Bombs, Use
Auschwitz, Nazi Concentration Camp
Aviators, World War I
Babylonian Empire
Banda Aceh Quake, cause of  
Bannockburn, Scottish Victory at
Baseball, Beginnings of
Bataan Death March
Bayeux Tapestry
Beast of Gevaudan, Terror During 18th Century
Beheading, Charles I
Berlin, Liberation by Soviet Army
Berlin Wall, Creation and Fall
Birkenau, Nazi Concentration Camp
Book Burning, History of
Boxing, Beginnings of Sport
Britain, Anglo-Saxon Influences
Cabanatuan Prisoners of War, Rescue of
Cephalonia, Massacre at
Chancellorsville, Battle of
Chicago Fire of 1871
Child Labor, in America
Children as Slaves, Antebellum South
Children in War, WWII
Civil War, Irish
Civil War, U.S. - in Missouri and Kansas
Civil War, U.S. - Pictorial Highlights
Clear and Present Danger Test, Free Speech
Code of Hammurabi
Code Talkers, Iwo Jima
Code Talkers, Unbroken Navajo Code
Comets, as Omens
Constitution, U.S. - History of
Corps of Discovery, Lewis and Clark Expedition
Crater, Battle of
Cuban Missile Crisis
Cuneiform, Background and Decipherment
Crusades, Background of
Declaration of Independence, Original and History of
Diary, John Wilkes Booth
Dinosaurs, Fossilized Remains
Draft Laws and Riots, 1863
Drugs in America, Cocaine
Earthquakes, How They Occur
Easter Rising, Ireland
Egypt, as British Protectorate
Emancipation Proclamation
Empire State Building, Creation of
English, Old - How it Sounded
Enigma Machine, decoding shortens WWII
Espionage and Sedition Acts, 1917 and 1918
Falkirk, Battle of
Federalist Papers
Film Industry, Early Days
Final Solution, Hitler’s Plan
Flight, History of
Franklin Expedition
Fredericksburg, Battle of
Free Speech Limitations, Schenck v U.S.
Gaugamela, Battle of
Gladiators, Ancient Rome
Gorillas, Endangered Species
Government, Checks and Balances
Great Depression
Great Fire, Peshtigo
Great Fire, Holland
Great Storm of 1900
GULAG, Soviet-Era Prison Camps
Gunpowder Plot
Hastings, Battle of 1066
Hindenburg, Explosion of
Holocaust, The
Home Guard, U.S. Civil War
Hubble, Orbiting Telescope
Huns, Empire of
Hydaspes, Elephants in Battle of
Ia Drang, First Battle of Vietnam War
Illuminations, Ancient Manuscripts
Incendiary Bombs, Toyko
Irish Potato Famine
Iwo Jima, Battle of
Jack the Ripper, Nineteenth-Century London
Japanese-American Internment
Jerusalem, Battles for during Crusades
Joan of Arc
Jim Crow Laws
Kashmir, Disputes Over Territory
Khartoum, Siege of
Kitty Hawk, First Flight
Korean War
Kremlin and St Basil’s Cathedral
Lafayette Escadrille, World War I
Lange, Dorothea - Pictures of Depression Era
Leyden Jar, Invention of
Leyden Jar, First Capacitor
Liberty, Statue of
Louisiana Purchase
Lusitania, Sinking of
Magna Carta, History of
Marathon, Battle and Famous Runner
Mars Exploration, Spirit and Opportunity
Mayflower Compact
Medieval Life
Missouri Compromise
Missouri Slave Code, of 1804
Moon Landing
Mummies, How Formed/Where Found
Mussolini, Rise of
Napoleonic Wars
Native Americans, Lose Land
Navajo Nation
Nazi Germany, Rise of Hitler
“Negro Leagues,” American Baseball
New York City, Its Beginnings
Normandy Invasion, D-Day
Nuclear Power, Early Development
Olmec Glyphs, Mesoamerican Roots
Olympics, the Ancient Games
Omdurman, Battle of
Operation Valkyrie, Plan to Assassinate Hitler
Pearl Harbor, Attack on
Penal Laws, Against Irish Catholics
Penobscot Expedition, Failure
Pentagon Papers
Peter Pan, History of
Petersburg, Civil War Siege of
Pilgrims, Journey to America
Poland, Germany Invades
Polio, Epidemic of and vaccination for
Political Cartoons, American Presidents
Pompeii, Vesuvius Erupts
Potsdam Conference, Dividing Europe
Propaganda, WWII Posters
Puritans, Massachusetts Bay Colony
Rations, WWII
Reconstruction, American South
Resolute, HMS - Source of the President’s Desk
Restore Hope, Operation
Revolution, American - Highlights of
Revolution, French - Death of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette
Roaring Twenties
Rushmore, Mount - History of
Russia, Medieval Times
San Francisco, 1906 Earthquake
Scotland, Resistance Against Britain
Separate but Equal, Source of Legalized Segregation
September 11, America Attacked
Shoot-Out, OK Corral
Shuttle, Loss of Challenger - Mission STS 51-L
Shuttle, Loss of Columbia - Mission STS 107
Slave Auctions, American
Slave Narratives, Voices of American Slaves
Slavery and the Declaration of Independence
Slaves, Antebellum South
Slave Trade, Beginnings and Triangle Trade
Society of United Irishmen
Space Exploration, NASA’s Best Pictures
Space Race, America versus USSR
Spanish Flu, Deadly Epidemic
Spanish Main
Spindletop, Oil in Texas
Star-Spangled Banner, History of
Sterling Bridge, Battle of
St Petersburg, Russia - Beginnings
Stroop Report, Warsaw Ghetto Destroyed
Sudan, Under Egyptian Control
Tammany Hall and “Boss” Tweed
Telescope, Invention of
Tenerife, Deadliest Aviation Accident
Terra Cotta Soldiers, Xi-an
Tet Offensive, 1968
Texas, Republic of
Thermopylae, Battle of
Thirteen Colonies, British in America
Titanic, Sinking of
Tonkin, Gulf of
Tonkin, Resolution
Torture, Instruments of
Transcontinental Railroad, U.S.
Trenches, Western Front
Trinity Test, July 1945
Trojan War and Horse
Tsunami, causes in Indian Ocean
Tudor England
Underground Railroad
Verdun, Battle of
Vietnam War, Highlights of
Vikings, History of
Warsaw, Destruction of
Warsaw Ghetto
Wat Tyler - Led Peasant Uprising
Waterloo, Battle of
Westward Expansion, America
Wilhelm Gustloff, Deadliest Shipwreck
Women’s Rights, a Pictorial History
World Trade Center, Twin Towers
X-Ray Machine, Invention of
Zeppelins, Invention of


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