Atlantis, the Lost City

Was there once a city called Atlantis which disappeared into the sea? If so, where was it?

Ever since Plato wrote about a circular city which was completely destroyed, people have wondered if his writings were true or allegorical. If there were such a place, might it have been destroyed by a volcano? Might that volcano have been located on an island near Santorini?

A wall painting from the late Bronze Age, found on the remnants of that now-small island, appears to be very similar to the city which Plato describes. Is it Atlantis? Did the city, and its people, vaporize after sea water, mixing with hot lava, caused a violent explosion?

Uncover interesting theories, and view some amazing sights, in this video clip about the seven wonders of ancient Greece. (Move the cursor forward - to 1:15 - to begin the section on Atlantis.)

Media Credits

From Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece, directed by Chris Lethbridge, presented by John Shrapnel and produced by Green Umbrella. Copyright, Green Umbrella, all rights reserved. Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the program.  Broadcast, also, by the Discovery Channel.


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