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"Sinking battleship", Arizona the battleship sinking, http://www.pearl-harbor.com/arizona/casualtylist.html, Public Domain.

Did you know why Japan attacked the base of Pearl Harbor? Guess what you find out when you keep on reading. Japan bombed Hawaii in the base of Pearl Harbor and 3,500 people got killed or got wounded. You will know about why Japan attack Pearl Harbor and the attack and before the attack also after the attack.                                                                                                                           

Before the attack on December 6, 1941 Japan thought that Americans were going declare a war so they planned to damage and destroy all the ships and battleships also the aircrafts. Japan didn’t want to but they thought they had to do it. Then they went to Hawaii with six aircraft carrier to carry the aircrafts. After they went 2,000 miles 183 air crafts flew from the aircraft carrier and headed to Hawaii. In total they crossed 4,000 miles.

The attack December 7, 1941 Japan came from the north side and went south to attack Pearl Harbor and the other bases in Oahu. The second wave of attacks was 167 aircrafts that came towards Hawaii and bombed five different places in Oahu and in all 3,500 men got killed or got wounded. Also Japan destroyed or damaged 350 aircrafts, 18 ships and 8 battleships. In total they attacked seven different places in Oahu. One place they attacked was the naval air station and they destroyed 33 seaplanes. Another thing that they did was they sank two of the most important battleship called Utah and Arizona. The Arizona sank 1,177 crewmen and 900 sailors still remain in the ocean dead. The battleship Utah was sank by a torpedo and one bomb, which killed 58 men. Also some Japan’s attackers were shot down in the place called Bellows Air Field and two U.S. ships disappeared. They also attacked the Hickam Air Field, destroyed 18 bombers and killed 75 percent of the army there. Overall Japan attacked many places in Oahu including the base of Pearl Harbor.                                                                                                                                                                                        

After the attack on December 11, 1941 everyone in the nation heard president Roosevelt give a speech on the radio. He said that Americans were going to declare a war with Japan because of the attack. Americans went to Japan to attack. In conclusion American declared a war on Japan.

For the past more than 70 years people still remember Japan’s attack which killed more than 3,500 men in total and destroyed 350 aircrafts, 18 ships and 8 battleships also including Utah and Arizona that sank with 900 sailors. Did you know that the oil from the ship called the Arizona is still coming out since the attack. People still remembered the day of the attack.

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