Attila - Death of the Hunnic Ruler

When Rome itself was threatened, Pope Leo agreed to meet the Hunnic ruler to beg for peace.  The two leaders agreed, and Attila withdrew from Italy.  In late 452, he arrived home, made plans for another military campaign and planned a wedding.

After marrying his new bride, Attila joined the revelry - and paid the ultimate price.  The following morning, Attila was dead.  His warriors paid him the highest honors possible, prepared his coffin and allegedly laid him to rest in the river.  His warriors wanted to be sure his resting place would never be found.

It did not take long for Attila's empire to crumble.  No one person - including Attila's sons - could take his place.  And although the Romans rejoiced at his death, it actually had a negative impact on their empire.  After all, the person most responsible for security along the borders was dead.

Media Credits

Clip from Attila: Scourge of God (1987).  Written by Jesse Sublett; narrated by Monte Markham; aired on A&E's "Biography" series.  Clip online, courtesy Uralic's Channel on YouTube.


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